Jawad Sharif


Jawad Sharif is an award-winning filmmaker from Pakistan, known for his signature visual storytelling style. He has an intuitive talent for revealing spontaneous human moments. He is among the rare filmmakers who are proficient in weaving compelling visuals and narratives in both fiction and non-fiction films.

He has worked on a number of socially and culturally sensitive film projects involving the themes of human rights and social injustice besides arts and culture. He has also directed telefilms, TV series, as well as several TV commercials. His first feature, K2 & The Invisible Footmen, has won notable awards in several international film festivals and has been screened worldwide.

Jawad founded his production company Bipolar Films in 2010. He envisions his organization to be a vehicle for his passion for social change. Bipolar Films is comprised of a seasoned team of filmmakers and storytellers.

Apart from filmmaking, Jawad serves as an advisory board member of a not-for-profit organization Forum for Dignity Initiatives, which helps protect the rights of sexual and gender minorities in Pakistan. He is also the former fellow of Swedish Institute, Sweden and Institut Fur Auslandsbeziehunge, Germany.

Indus Blues (2018)

Pakistani folk artists talk about their struggle to keep a fading art form alive while reminding the world what they are about to lose.

Role: Producer/Director 

K-2 & The Invisible Footmen (2015)

This award winning film documents the unsung efforts of the indigenous porters who have long facilitated the ascent of K2, Earth’s second-highest mountain.

Role: Cinematographer/Editor

Nabz- The Lifeline (2012)

How does life go on after a loved one is taken away due to bomb blasts? How does the family find strength to move on? Can they ever truly move on?

Role: Director

I was not Alone – A Pakistani Activists Journey on Change (2014)

Forming the AASHA Movement, Fauzia Saeed’s and hundreds of others challenged a nation’s behavior towards working women. The Movement led the whole country to stand together against sexual harassment at the workplace, resulting in passage of landmark legislation for the protection of women’s rights.

Role: Director/Cinematographer

Beyond The Heights (2014)

Beyond the Heights is a documentary film that tells the story of the first Pakistani & the youngest female mountaineer to climb the Mount Everest. Overcoming the towers of hardships, a fragile woman from Shimshal, a small village in Hunza valley, touched new horizons with her will power and motivation.

Role: Director/Cinematographer/Screenplay

NanhayHathoun Mein QalamHo (Education for every child) (2015)

A symbolic music video about education in backdrop of Peshawar Army Public School incident 16/12.

Role: Director

MalalaYousafzai (2011)

When Swat was covered with the darkness of clouds of terrorism, MalalaYousafzai then a student of class 8 stood up against these terrorists to bring peace in the region. MalalaYousafzai’s vision towards life changed drastically during the three years of war of terrorism and counter insurgency.

Role: Director/Cinematographer

DHAMAK OST (Music Video)


Other Projects
  • DHAMAK OST(Music Video)
  • Agli Rut Ki Dastak – 5 Documentaries (Series Based on motivational Stories)
  • Drama Serial Al-Atash (30 Episodes)
  • HarLamhaZindagi (Channel IDs Campaign of Lights Asia TV)
  • Mei Safar Mei Hun (Documentary Film on 100 Years of Women’s Movement)
  • International Women Day (Public Service Ads Campaign of AuratFoundation )
  • Journey Of Hope (Documentary on Successful Stories by Care International )
  • Child Labor PSA’s (Advertising Campaign of FCBP)
  • US Paar – Voice Of America (5 Documentaries based on successful stories)
    Director/D.O.P/ Editor
  • Flood of Misery (Short Experimental Factual Film)
  • Hassan Kozagar (Experimental Film, A poem by Noon-Meem Rashid)
  • Yaarian (Short Tele-Film)
  • Wrong Number (Short Film)
  • MuzahmatiAdab (PTV, Documentary)
    Assistant Producer/Editor
  • Minority Girl (Documentary, A story about a Christian Girl)

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